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And now, a dance number for the nutcracker on The Nicholas Brothers (Upvotes: 56)
CHOO CHOO MUTHAFVCKERS on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 55)
“It’s an essential oil, he’s got everything he needs to be cured, I just don’t understand how he’s not getting better!” -You mean you don’t understand how rubbing the skin with concentrated plant matter, basically coating the outside of our epidermal layer with plant juice, on something whose main job it is to keep outside things from entering the body, isn’t actively dispersing throughout the entire body and pursuing/destroying every molecule unique to that of a specific RNA virus, something that which, has already duplicated and spread rapidly throughout the kid’s body to the point that visible symptoms are shown as a result of widespread cell death? Weird. Must be God’s will huh? on n/a (Upvotes: 53)
@VibratingButtChomper, what was that last one? on All girl massage *lenny face* (Upvotes: 47)
Gay People: Who said he's with us? on lol (Upvotes: 44)

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