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Didn't even finish the gif.. I know he's there on He lives in you (Upvotes: 85)
Bridget, wait! on Wrong number (Upvotes: 55)
Well I guess I'll share my 4loco story since @Reed14 is the only one who has one (mad props to those fools). Disclaimer: underage drinking is bad. I had one of these while visiting a friend at Marquette, and had a very strange head buzz. Decided I could tolerate THREE more. Nope. Felt like my heart was gonna Fvcking explode, and I couldn't stop sweating and shaking. I ended up rolling around under my friends dorm bed because"that's where the cold air is" and his roommate was laying on the row of sinks in the bathroom yelling "don't touch me!! I'm just trying to have a good time" while shirtless and 3 of the 4 sinks running. Ah, college.. on Story time (Upvotes: 54)
Long version for anal. Good one on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 53)
I thought we stopped calling them gorillas on Mike (Upvotes: 48)

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